Device for crimping aluminum caps

Color solutions

Scope of application

Designed for capping glass vials with aluminum caps

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Sealing of containers is an integral stage of production in the food, pharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical, cosmetic and other industries. The quality and service life of the liquid they fill depends on the reliability of the closure of the vials.

The use of a device for crimping aluminum caps ensures high-quality and hermetic sealing of the bottle, which allows you to maintain storage conditions and product safety at the proper level. The high performance of this device is confirmed by warranty obligations and feedback from grateful customers.

Purpose and scope of application
Devices for crimping aluminum caps is a compact portable device of manual type used in laboratories, as well as in pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic industries to ensure fast and hermetically sealed sealing of smooth aluminum caps. With this device, you can roll smooth aluminum covers. The device can be reconfigured to plug caps of various sizes ranging from 13 to 34 mm.

The principle of operation
The device works by applying manual force. Previously, the cap is put on the container. Next, the device is fixed in such a way that the cap is in the center of the collet petals. Then, by compressing the handles, the cap is crimped using a collet head. The nozzle captures the neck of the bottle (bottle) and produces crimping due to compression of the collet petals, which leads to clogging of the container.


  • the cost-effectiveness of the application is achieved due to the absence of the need to connect to electrical or other energy sources;
  • the compactness and light weight of the device ensure the convenience of its use;
  • the capping does not require special care and maintenance requirements: due to the originality of the design, there is no need for constant lubrication of the rubbing elements.

The wide versatility of the device for crimping aluminum caps is due to the simplicity of the design of the capping mechanism, as well as the possibility of using various types of containers and caps.

Convenience of work
The lightness and mobility of the device allows you to use it in almost any conditions and move it in a convenient way. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable position of the hand during the process of clogging bottles.

Variants of execution
Devices for crimping aluminum caps can be made in an individual solution that fully meets the needs of each customer. Over the years of development, we have been able to study in detail all the niches of the application of this equipment, so we are ready to offer various options for its execution

The device is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST standards adopted in the field of production of capping devices, which guarantees the safety of their operation, subject to compliance with the technique of use.

Type manual
Productivity 300 - 500 шт/ч
Weight 0,5 kg
Cap diameters 13 - 20 mm