The flacon is a container with a smooth throat designed for packaging antibiotics and other injectable medications. The product can be used for storing insulin, perfumes and fragrances in the cosmetic industry and household chemicals, as well as for food additives and dyes.

The product is in demand among pharmaceutical companies that produce antibiotics in dry form for the preparation of solutions. After filling, the product is sealed with a rubber stopper or cap.

This bottle is made of three types of transparent or brown glass tube: 

  • Type 1 – Borosilicate of the 1st hydrolytic class;
  • Type 2 – Sodium-calcium-silicate of the 2nd hydrolytic class;
  • Type 3 – Sodium-calcium-silicate of the 3rd hydrolytic class.

The flask is manufactured according to ISO 8362-1 standards and complies with the US Pharmacopoeia of the 31st edition.

Size table

Useful volume, ml
Neck diameter, mm
Article diameter, mm
Article height, mm
Article weight, g
2R 41316355
4R 61316456,1
6R 102022408,3
8R 11,52022459,4
10R 13,520244510,2
15R 1920246012,8
20R 2520305517,4
25R 30,520306520
30R 3620307522,7


Packaging type Corrugated board
Dimensions HхWхL, cm 4,6*28*36
Quantity in the package, pcs 1080-2000
Material of manufacture Glass

For transportation, the flasks are packed in small batches in shrink wrap, after which they are placed in a corrugated box for further transportation.