About company

BELAND company started its development in 2002 and has been actively involved in the development of the pharmaceutical packaging market for many years.

Currently, BELAND is a leader in the production and supply of consumables for pharmaceutical and pharmacy production in Russia.

At the same time being a manufacturing and trading company, we offer a full range of services.


Cooperation with us will allow you to:

  • plan purchases for several months ahead;
  • save on customs and transportation costs;
  • be able to choose a convenient batch of goods to order;
  • operatively change the design of the packaging used;
  • realized customized solutions.


By cooperating with us, you get a partner working to high standards, focused on service and quality, as well as able to be responsible for the manufactured and delivered product.

Main directions

  • production and delivery of packaging and consumables for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products, household chemicals and household goods;decoration and coloring of glass
  • packaging, application of inscriptions and logos on caps and lids.

Our products

  • flacons, bottles and jars;
  • caps (aluminum, combined);
  • screw caps and stoppers;
  • pipettes;
  • dispensers and triggers;
  • ampoules;
  • syringes and cartridges;
  • measuring cups and spoons;
  • contact lens containers;
  • bottles for diffusers and accessories;
  • wax for decorative candles, dyes, wicks, wick holders, etc.