Bottle for infusion medications (RUS)

Color solutions

Scope of application

It is used for packaging liquids of thick consistency, syrups, alcohol-containing preparations, etc.

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The bottle is a container with a smooth throat, made of medical glass of the MTO brand and used for storing infusion solutions and blood substitutes. 

The product has a graduation.

The bottles comply with the requirements of GOST 10782-85.


Size table

Useful volume, ml
Neck diameter, mm
Article diameter, mm
Article height, mm
Article weight, g
50 мл 503442,090,0100
100 мл 1003450,0105,0130
250 мл 2503458,0160,0240
450 мл 4503479,0165,0335


Packaging type Shrink film
Quantity in the package, pcs 15-180
Material of manufacture Glass