The flask is a screw-neck container designed for storing and dosing thick viscous liquids, cosmetic products, essential oils, massage oils and serums.

The flask is made of blue, green, black, amber and unpainted cast glass and comes with a DIN18 neck (diameter 18 mm).

Our company provides additional services for the processing of flasks, namely: frosting, decorating and coloring.

Size table

Useful volume, ml
Neck diameter, mm
Article diameter, mm
Article height, mm
Article weight, g
490051 51822,050,222
490101 101824,858,027,5
490151 151828,565,032
490201 201828,771,535
490251 251832,070,335
490301 301833,078,848
490501 501837,292,255
491001 1001844,5112,088


Packaging type Corrugated board
Quantity in the package, pcs 88-192
Material of manufacture Glass

For transportation, the vials are packed in small batches in a shrink film, after which they are placed in a corrugated box for further transportation.