Decoration of glass packaging

Decorated packaging allows you to increase brand awareness and convey to the buyer his idea and identity, protect against fakes and imitations.

We offer the application of an inscription, drawing or logo by various methods:

  • Multi-layer coloring - coloring in several layers, which allows to achieve the desired visual effect of the packaging. After coloring, all types of printing are applicable to the products, which allows you to get a unique solution for your product.
  • Silkscreen printing is a type of screen printing in which special meshes of small thickness with a high frequency of the arrangement of threads are used as a material for the manufacture of a printing plate. This method has higher artistic possibilities in contrast to other types of printing.

A unique fully automatic line that allows you to control all technological processes at each stage of coloring.

The process of painting and decorating takes place in a clean area.

It is possible to work with any paints, as well as applying UV varnish and Soft Touch coating.

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