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Glass jar for tablets

Color solutions

Scope of application

Suitable for storing tablets, dragees and capsules

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A glass can with a screw throat, made of amber cast glass, used for storing tablets, dragees and capsules.

It is equipped with an aluminum or plastic cover, including with protection from children, with an insert or without an insert.

Size table

Useful volume, ml
Neck diameter, mm
Article diameter, mm
Article height, mm
Article weight, g
460601 603344,575,573
460752 753845,382,584
461003 1003850,087,595
461204 1203852,895,0108
461505 1504556,0100,0122
462006 2004561,4109,5151
462507 2504565,3117,5170
463008 3005368,2126,5216
464009 4005374,7136,5225
465010 5005381,0147,0270


Packaging type Corrugated board
Quantity in the package, pcs 25-192
Material of manufacture Glass

The quantity in the package can be changed. Cover not included.