Lid to jar

Color solutions

Scope of application

Used to seal the contents of jars containing tablets, dragées and capsules

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This lid is used to seal jars with tablets, dragées and capsules.

The product is made of polyethylene and can be supplied with:

Self-adhesive insert (gasket);
polyethylene insert;
without insert;
for induction sealing.
The cover has two possible versions: standard and with child protection.

Size table

Article diameter, mm
Article diameter D1, mm
Article diameter D2, mm
Article height, mm
SF-33 3335,534,211,5
SF-38 3840,839,411,7
SF-45 4547,145,811,7
SF-53 5355,354,011,7


Packaging type Corrugated board
Quantity in the package, pcs 1600-2400
Material of manufacture Plastic