Blind plug

Color solutions

Scope of application

Designed to seal and transport the contents of vials

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This stopper is used to seal and transport the contents of vials. The product is used to seal glass and plastic vials with an internal neck diameter of 7 to 20 mm. It can be used with a cover.

The plug is made of polypropylene according to the specification. Among the main benefits:

Ease of use and ease of use
chemical inertness to a large number of liquids.

Size table

Outer diameter D, mm
Outer diameter D1, mm
Article height Н, mm
3107 7,810,48,5
3108 8,513,711,7
3111 11,115,710,0
3112 12,817,611,1
3113 13,217,611,1
3114 14,316,113,1
3120 20,524,113,6
3211 10,614,214,1
3213 12,616,412,2


Packaging type Corrugated board
Quantity in the package, pcs 8 000 - 25 000
Material of manufacture Plastic