Nail polish flacon

Color solutions

Scope of application

Designed to store various cosmetics

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A varnish flacon is a container with a screw throat, made of cast glass and designed to store various cosmetics, such as varnishes, gel varnishes, bases, tops, oils, etc.

The product may be painted or decorated with a pattern, inscription or logo. The bottle is equipped with a cap with a brush, ball applicator or stopper.

The application brush can be inserted either directly into the lid or into the inner lid, which is covered from above with an external removable cap of any shape, not necessarily tied to the geometry of the bottle. The brush can have a different size, shape (straight/oval), type and density of pile (natural/artificial, hard/soft).

In order to avoid crystallization of the internal contents of the bottle by sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, the container can be covered with special paint with full coating with special components and coloring varnishes to protect the internal contents of the bottle.


Packaging type Corrugated board
Quantity in the package, pcs 480
Volume, mL 8
Material of manufacture Glass