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Lid with pipette and child protection

Color solutions

Scope of application

Used for capping and dripping the contents of drop vials

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This cap is used to seal and drip-dose the contents of drop vials.

The product is a lid with protection against children with a glass pipette and a rubber pear.

The glass pipette comes with or without a graduation, with a spherical, conical, straight or beveled spout. Depending on the height of the vial, it has different lengths.

 The pear is made of silicone rubber or butadiene-nitrile rubber (NBR) resistant to aggressive media. To order, the pear can be made in any color of the RAL palette, with a glossy or matte tint.

Size table

Pipette length, mm
Article diameter, mm
770026 для ФК 5 мл 4818
770026 для ФК 10 мл 5818
770026 для ФК 15 мл 6518
770026 для ФК 20 мл 7218
770026 для ФК 25 мл 7518
770026 для ФК 30 мл 7718
770026 для ФК 50 мл 8918
770026 для ФК 100 мл 10818

Dimensions are given in millimeters


Packaging type Corrugated board
Quantity in the package, pcs 1667-1672
Material of manufacture Plastic

Supplied assembled