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Glass jar for ointment

Color solutions

Scope of application

Suitable for storing ointment, tablets and bulk excipients

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A glass jar with a screw throat is made of cast glass of the OS-1 brand according to GOST 19808 and is suitable for storing ointments, tablets and bulk fillers.

The jar is resistant to pre-sterilization purification and sterilization in accordance with MU 287-113.

Size table

Useful volume, ml
Neck diameter, mm
Article diameter, mm
Article height, mm
Article weight, g
БТС-10 1027,530,041,025
БТС-20 2027,534,051,038
БТС-30 3027,534,067,046
БТС-50 5027,542,080,070


Packaging type Shrink film
Quantity in the package, pcs 252-350
Material of manufacture Glass

The quantity in the package can be changed. The cover is not included.