Ampoule type B

Color solutions

Scope of application

Hermetically sealed vessel intended for storage of chemically pure substances or sterile medicines, suture material, cosmetic preparations

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The product is a geometrically sealed vessel intended for storing chemically pure substances or sterile medicines, suture material or cosmetic preparations.

We deliver a wide range of ampoules in accordance with ISO 9178 standard from 1 to 30 ml of transparent or amber glass with various opening systems. Several colored rings and incisions can be placed on the neck or body for identification purposes and convenience of opening, or a point to indicate the place of application of force.

The stability of product quality is ensured by the ISO 15378 and ISO 9001 quality management system, ampoules are produced in a clean room.

Size table

Article diameter d1, mm
Article diameter h1, mm
1 мл 10,7560,0
2 мл 10,7572,0
3 мл 12,7575,0
5 мл 14,7583,0
10 мл 17,75102,0
20 мл 22,5113,0


Quantity in the package, pcs Under the order
Material of manufacture Glass