Production of measuring cups and spoons

The company "BELAND" offers measuring glasses and spoons of its own production.

Measuring cups can be used for approximate dosing of liquid and powdery substances for various purposes. Glasses with a volume of up to 20 ml are made of polypropylene, and are made with a graduated measuring scale on the outside of the product in 2.5 ml increments.

Universal measuring spoons with a volume of 5 ml are designed to accurately measure the amount of bulk or liquid substances of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food industry (bulk / liquid products, various household chemicals, dietary supplements, alginate cosmetic masks, etc.). Inside the spoon there are risks with marks 1/2 and 1/4, which allow you to more accurately measure the required amount of the drug.

The shape of the handle can be straight and curved (at the request of the customer). The handle can also have an inscription (the name of the drug, the name of the company, etc.). The product is made of polypropylene. It is supplied as standard in unpainted form. If necessary, it can be executed in any color scheme of the RAL palette.

Areas of application of products: pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic industries, as well as the field of household chemicals.

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