Lid to jar for cream plastic metalized

Color solutions

Scope of application

Used to seal cans with creams, balms and loose fillers

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This lid is used to seal cans with creams, balms and loose fillers.

The product is an acrylbutadiene styrene (ABS) cap and comes with a polyethylene liner.

Size table

Article diameter, mm
Article diameter D1, mm
Article diameter D2, mm
Article height, mm
10YB 31,734,534,511,5
15YB 40,643,443,411,5
20ZGZ 42,044,844,813,2
30ZGZ 48,751,551,513,2
50ZGZ 52,555,355,314,2
100ZRXA 56,859,659,614,2
270YB 69,572,372,314,2


Packaging type Corrugated board
Quantity in the package, pcs 1100-1250
Material of manufacture Plastic