Spray dispenser

Color solutions

Scope of application

It is used for storing and spraying various cosmetics and perfumes

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The plastic flask is equipped with a spray dispenser and used as a container for storing and spraying various cosmetics, such as hair care products, oils, lotions, sprays, etc.

The spray dispenser is used for:

  • cosmetics – lotions, hair care products, sunscreen cosmetics;
  • perfumes – antiseptics, toilet water and deodorants;

The product is equipped with a protective cap (used mainly in combination with a spray dispenser).

Size table

Useful volume, ml
Article height, mm
Article diameter, mm
СД-80 809526
СД-100 10011826
СД-120 12014026
СД-150 15016726


Packaging type Картонная коробка
Quantity in the package, pcs 12~24
Material of manufacture Пластик