Cream dispenser

Color solutions

Scope of application

It is used for dosed application of the necessary cosmetic product to the brush, sponge or fingertips

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The product is used for capping various cosmetics and perfumes inside a plastic dispenser.

The cream dispenser is used for:

  • cosmetics – lotions, hair care products, sunscreen cosmetics;
  • perfumery products – face and body care creams.


  • easy to use, dosing is done with a single tap;
  • cost-effectiveness, the product is consumed in small portions;
  • easy care, leaves no soap stains, easy to clean, easy to fill.

The materials from which the dispenser is made have high hygiene.

Do not absorb toxic substances that are contained in many products, safe to use.


Size table

Useful volume, ml
Article height, mm
Article diameter, mm
КД-15 159433
КД-30 3011433
КД-50 5014633
КД-80 8015340
КД-100 10017540
КД-120 12019440


Packaging type Картонная коробка
Quantity in the package, pcs 24~48
Material of manufacture Пластик