MMB base for diffusers

Color solutions

Scope of application

It is used as a perfume solvent, with the help of which the aromatic agent becomes less viscous and easily rises up the sticks

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MMB is an eco-friendly alcohol-based solvent with a high evaporation rate.

MV, due to its amphiphilic structure, is easily mixed with many oils and water, works as a binder between the two phases in the emulsion. In addition, it provides the following advantages:

  • MMB is very volatile. Its evaporation rate is higher than that of dipropylene glycol and lower than that of ethyl alcohol, which prevents the aroma from evaporating quickly in the air, thereby ensuring high-quality aromatization of the room;
  • MMB demonstrates outstanding solvent properties for hard-to-dissolve active ingredients;
  • MMB dissolves well both scented substances and synthesized aromatic components;
  • It has a transparent color and has no foreign smell. This is important because the smell interrupts the aroma.
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Thus, MMB is an excellent option for a base that can be used to create and flavor perfumes, cosmetics, auto chemicals, air fresheners or diffusers.


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