Glass pre-filling syringe (PFS)

Color solutions

Scope of application

It is intended for use as a primary packaging material and direct filling with a liquid pharmaceutical preparation. After filling with the drug, it can be used for injection to patients

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It is made of borosilicate glass tube (USP type I).

Presented in volumes: 1 ml long, 1 ml, 1.5 ml, 2.25 ml, 3.0 ml.

Can have different flanges:

Round Truncated

It is equipped with a glued 25G (3-bevel) or 27G (5-bevel) tungsten needle, Luer lock adapter with a protective screw cap or comes with an empty tip protected by a rubber cap.

1 - rigid outer part of the protective cap; 2- rubberized inner part of the protective cap; 3 - needle; 4 - syringe tip; 5 - glass cylinder; 6 - flange; 7- rubber protective cap; 8 - protective cap cap; 9 - protective cap; 10 - screw rubber cap; 11 - Luer lock adapter

The cylinder can be graduated in 0.1 or 0.2 ml increments.

It is delivered as a set in disassembled form and consists of: a cylinder, a plastic rod, a plunger and a finger stop (as agreed with the customer).

The cylinder is delivered in plastic boxes in a sterile form, the components are supplied in a separate package.


Packaging type Стерильный пластиковый ящик
Quantity in the package, pcs 100